Warner Bros. Happy With PS4 Price Point

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We all know by now that the PS4 is going to run you $399 when it drops this holiday season. Compared to the Xbox One’s $499 price point this is obviously more attractive to consumers who aren’t diehard Xbox fans and may have been on the fence. While its great for gamers, it’s a good thing for developers as well with one such studio expressing their delight.

Warner Bros. executive Martin Tremblay has said the $399 price point is “spot-on” and will “energize and make the transition easier.” With the PS4 being a full $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, Treblay feels the decision for gamers isn’t that hard to make.

“This is spot-on what I think the price point needs to be, and it will energize and make the transition easier,” Tremblay said. “That being said, we’ll see how consumers are going to go for it. We’re building for…

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SONY restriega su victoria en la cara a Microsoft


Aunque el ganador oficial de la E3 fue la nueva consola de Play Station, SONY, desea recordarle en la cara a Microsoft, quién es el ganador!

En el pasado episodio de Jimmy Fallon’s, Mark Cerny, diseñador en jefe de la PS4, aclaró a la población que el nuevo pLAy, permitirá usar juegos usados, además de que se podrá jugar fuera de linea.

Este tema es un revuelo mundial, ya que los gamers propietarios de las consolas de Microsoft, observaron cómo ésta gigante de la informática, frustró los sueños de compartir, prestar o revender juegos usados para está consola.Jimmy Fallon Show

Fallon dijo: “PS4 puede usar usados y el XBOX ONE no” Fin de la Historia.

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Sony Shows Off PS4’s New Interface

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Sony released a new video detailing some the features for the new PS4 Interface. With all the games shown, online requirements and used game DRM talked about, honestly this is what I am looking forward to most on the PS4. Sony seems to have learned from the past 6 years with the PS3 and built a better ecosystem for the PS4. The video shows of some great features such as notification for what trophies your friends have earned, recording and sharing videos, cross game chat, being able to download single and multiplier portions of a game separately and more. The best part is that all these features are possible without having to interrupt your game.

Look forward to the PS4 launching sometime is Holiday.

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PS3’s The Last Of Us Review

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Zombies are taking over our world.

With the rising popularity of AMC’s The Walking Dead, others are trying to jump on the bandwagon. Zombies are the new vampires.

The problem with attempting to zombify everything is that the same thing cannot be done over and over again. Zombie movies have been around for ages and they’ve finally been popularized on a nation-wide level with The Walking Dead. Those trying to use zombies in their work need to be able to put a twist on them that we haven’t seen before.

We’re already about to see a new zombie approach this weekend with World War Z. The jury is still out on whether or not fast zombies will work, but at least it isn’t something repetitive.

After spending the weekend immersing myself in Playstation 3’s The Last of Us, I can definitively say that video game developer Naughty Dog…

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