Why I’ll be getting that PS4

No, YOU Go Outside.


The other day, I was on a REDDIT thread that asked “when was the last time you really analysed and changed one of your opinions”. Of course this unveiled the full wave of Reddit’s speciality dishes: atheism and racism. I quickly lost interest in what the 16 – 30 year old white men of middle America had to say on the subject and turned the question on myself.

Some people may have not even wasted their time thinking about this, others may have made the question something profound. “Fuck” I thought (and I was actually emotionally torn) “shall I get an Xbox?”. Let’s just start out by saying that I have been a Playstation boy since I was a small child. Playstation is part of my history. I loved that ugly little grey original with a passion I have rarely been able to recreate. There are pets that – should…

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