The Death of the Nintendo?

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Motley Fool claimed Nintendo isn’t protecting their intellectual property. They are losing to Angry Birds. If they were smart, they would get out of the console business and focus solely on developing games. Motley Food went as far to claim the Xbox One will destroy the Wii U as more kids would rather play Call of Duty than Mario Kart.  If you want to check out this article, click here.

A number of critics agree with these sentiments. There’s a call for Nintendo to take the same road Sega took back in 2001 and only produce software. Shigeru Miyamoto gave, to me, a convincing reason why Nintendo should never go that route. Long story short, Nintendo develops their hardware with their creative team can make the games they want to make. Its gives Nintendo a unique edge and a fresh way to create fun experiences that no other…

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