PS3 Update 4.45: Please Wait to Update, Thank You

Another Castle

Update: Sony has since pulled the 4.45 firmware update after reports were made of systems “bricking”. However, it seems that PlayStation Plus users that have their firmware updates set to automatically download may have unknowingly had their system bricked. Further word from Sony as to the resolution is still being awaited.

Boy, really hoping you read this in time. If you have, fantastic! You’ve just saved your PS3 from bricking, at least temporarily. If you’ve already done the update or are waiting on it now, you might want to start your phone call to PlayStation tech support.

According to a report from Kotaku, readers that have undergone the 4.45 update are locked on the initial load screen, bricking their system. The update comes after several days of DNS errors that created issues with video streaming services and occasional online gaming.

If you’ve locked your system, best option is for you…

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