PC Vs Console.


Some purchases are made purely on impulse, such as buying a packet of Wrigleys chewing gum instead of Extra. Not much thought goes into the decision and you generally stick with the brand which you have always bought.

More financially intensive purchasing decisions require a more substantial decision process; perhaps researching the pros and cons of each possible outcome or even just favouring the cheapest option. Having a balance between the price and quality of the product will give you its relative value for money…

So, why are we still buying games consoles?

The new Xbox One and PS4 will be retailing at around £400, this was always expected as Microsoft and Sony have to try and create a machine which will stand the test of time. A gaming computer can be built for as little as £500 and will far outweigh the gaming quality of either of these two consoles.

The next generation consoles offer no development options, no…

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