E3 on PS Home: A Break From Reality



After E3 I do what all Gamers do after a few long nights away from my console, I turned it on to see what’s up and spend some quality time together. For the first time in a long time, PS Home caught my eye. They promised goodies and two dynamic themes. Now, I don’t visit PS Home as my first destination when I turn my PS3 on. That place has become an unmonitored Second Life full on micro-transactions and people of different unknown ages talking like sailors. It sometimes isn’t pretty or elegantly traversed. But what got me to go in were the dynamic themes. I am a sucker for a good PS3 theme.

Once I stepped inside, after a ton of updating (again, I never go in here enough to be up to date), I was welcomed to something I didn’t expect and rather liked. There was a virtual…

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