Artificial difficulty: Why is this even a thing?

Games, Eh?

Some games are truly challenging. They may require quick reflexes, swift logic, or knowing when to make the right move. They offer a great sense of accomplishment to gamers who can succeed in beating them.

Then there are games whose main challenges stem from their numerous technical problems, cheating artificial intelligence, or trial-and-error sequences. And these are some games I hate.

You should too.

Camera Control Issues

So you need to get from Point A to Point B. Point A begins on the ground and Point B sits atop a spiral staircase. Enemies are milling about on the staircase. You need to make a big jump over a pit before you even get to the staircase itself. In a 3D platforming game, this scenario could be a nightmare. Perhaps the camera is fixed, restricting you from controlling it yourself. All you can do is hope the game does a good…

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