A Look at the Gladiatorial Games and Their Influence on Our Modern Politics, Sports, and Media

My Side of the Story


A fight to the death for the Roman Empire: not for the procurement of land or resources, or repelling a tribe of invaders, but for the appeasement of a mob.  The Gladiatorial Games featured a different legion of soldiers, one that the most downtrodden of peasants could witness with their own eyes to see firsthand what made their Empire so dominant and powerful.  However, the state ramifications went beyond simply giving their citizens a great show: it was an immensely effective form of propaganda and psychological grandstanding.

Sport in the Roman Empire served as a true means of entertainment for the Roman crowds of spectators.  It was through the mass hysteria and interest that the public displayed for the gladiatorial games that gave the events their power in Roman culture.  For through the widespread devotion of the public to the games, the Republic was able to use them as…

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